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The Dirty Work

by Brian Koenigsknecht

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The hands of time The hands of time Abraham runs a record store No wick left to burn Flips through racks of vintage wax And the tables still turn The hands of time The hands of time Callus again from the stories of every has been The hands of time Rosana runs a small town bar Every night till last call Waisted souls on sticky floors Shiny wrecking balls The hands of time The hands of time Callus from change or the lack of it now at their age The hands of time Pleasure and Pain Begin to feel one in the same A dreamer dreams That's all they really can do Holds on too tightly Holds on too long The way I hold on to you These hands of mine These hands of mine Callus from things like working these guitar strings
Of all of the choices This needs to be enough I've been written off before But never by love Waking up From the darkness And on to the table to turn I am in control again Of all I've lived and learned Somebody said they saw me Over the moon Under the influence of love and only love Somebody said they heard me Leaving the building From the highest stories above Falling in love and only love Of all of the voices I've followed yours in the past No one knows me like you do No one ever has Coming out Of the Darkness In the end it's the longest fuse No one knows me like you do But I got more to lose
I'll be damned If that house on the hill Were as good as it gets I've never seen A white picket fence Keep many secrets That's all the dirt That's all the dirt That's all the dirt I know (Or care to know) Buried just below (Or just below) Wherever you see green grass grow That's the dirty work That's the dirty work And suddenly The roses returned Unnaturally red Some may say Just a new coat of paint Brought them back from the dead The children seem happy For living in a haunted house That sees a little more rain
Settled In 04:31
I am settled in I am settled in I meant to come out last night to your show But I was captured by the couch and remote control And the angel on my shoulder said to stay And I had to be up early for work any way I am not crying You're crying Goddamn this movie every time If I had missed this Hugs and kisses Well now that would be a crime I am settled in I meant to spend some time with you old friend Ever since I felt inspired again Some wine, paper and crayons Whatever we can find just to finish this song Until they find me They always find me Two happy feet and the barking dogs But all this laughter Joy and laughter All the children can't be wrong I have settled for far worse Than a crazy night in bed by nine I have settled for far worse Then to sing the world's longest lullaby No, no, no, no, no...yeah I am settled in
I know you got more than you bargained for with this deal I got as many ups and downs as a Ferris wheel I know you know I would Keep going round and round To wind up again right here We are always homeward bound But what I fear Is to disappear Remember why we fell for one another Remember why we cheated and we lied Remember why we went through hell and back again Together Doomed or not We come a long way baby We're on the losing end of distance sometimes at best Our jobs, the house, the children can be a mess C'mon, C'mon, C'mon Just another round Just so we don't forget We are always homeward bound And better yet Baby let's
Old Man I see your grave is in bloom I am riding with the devil all this time There's been peace at your tomb I carry this bullet I swallow my pride I chase it down, down, down, down With anything I can find From every bottle and town To the ends of the earth I find the ruins of the man Who took all you were worth Here rest the last man gunned down And the sweet revenge never found If it's all the same to you I'll lay this pistol down On the tomb of the last man gunned down In a saloon Down in Deadwood I look in his eyes just like I told you I would Why would I widow a wife Why would I orphan anyone I holster my pain everyday and walk off into the sun
Timeless 03:22
I hate to be right Or even wrong about you Clean slates erased By every Deja vu Your t-shirt and jeans And red lipstick shade never fade You're timeless in the wrong ways You're timeless in the wrong ways You're timeless in the ways you say you're sorry Your factory job Down in Diamond Rio You're overtime at the bar Till you're drunk and stumble home I know life's not fair When I need you most you're a ghost You're timeless in the wrong ways You're timeless in the wrong ways You're timeless in the ways you say you're sorry Deja vu ain't got nothing on you Deja vu ain't got nothing on you
I make waves Surrender to perfect storms Wash up on shore A mosaic of broken dreams I burn all Of my healing bridges Just to sail on through And drink up more seas Another round for my crew And for the lovers I knew Before the sea calls to me To leave here without them It's the curse of the captain of a ship in a bottle All the stars I wish on were lost In blinding fog I murder the albatross A brand new world As seen through a spyglass Seems far too far and far too small For my ship to pass There's a calm in the dark Of my sunken heart And that's what scares me So I leave here without them It's the curse of the captain of a ship in a bottle


released February 18, 2022

All songs written by Brian Koenigsknecht *
*Callus (The Hands Of Time) written by
Brian Koenigsknecht and Abe Savas
*Love And Only Love written by
Brian Koenigsknecht and Brad Frank

Brad Frank: Drums, Percussion and Keys
Jason Huber: Vocals, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar and Keys
Brian Koenigsknecht: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars and Keys
Ave Savas: Vocals, Electric Guitars, Keys and Melodica

Recorded in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Brad Frank
Produced by Brad Frank and The Dirty Work

Album Cover Photograph by Victor Vague Photography
Album Cover Design by Randi DeSantis and Brian Koenigsknecht


all rights reserved



Brian Koenigsknecht Kalamazoo, Michigan

Brian Koenigknecht is a Michigan treasure, that rare breed of singer-songwriter who can make you feel every human emotion – every tear, every smile – so intensely that you feel he’s written his songs about you. – John Sinkevics, LocalSpins.com

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