Healing Bridges

by Brian Koenigsknecht

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    Photograph of Delicate Arch at Arches National Park by Ronald Francis Koenigsknecht
    Album Artwork by Randi DeSantis and Brian Koenigsknecht

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Happiness 03:26
I love you more than You’ll ever know I know how you feel when You’re all alone I am here And you are fine I’ll be here If you don’t mind Happiness I can tell how Hard you are trying Everybody in this world knows a darkness Can you feel the sun Shine on your shoulders I am here And you are fine I’ll be here If you don’t mind I’ll be here Happiness Sometimes there's just No good reason Just a feeling Or belief But if it’s light in Your own lantern May it guide you through The darkness of grief I never meant to Leave you so soon We’ll meet again ‘neath The Harvest Moon Whatever you need Whatever you’ve done Forgive yourself Step out into the sun I am here And you are fine I’ll be here If you don’t mind I’ll be here Happiness Happiness Happiness Happiness
Once I was a sailor Just an old man and the sea I fought off a few demons Till I could rest my head and dream Once I was a writer Longing for the naked truth I’d known of kinder brothers Far beyond the crooked roof I learn more and more About myself each day I have never loved goodbyes anyway We turn, turn, turn The pages every day Of a never-ending story Love always, RFK Once I was a soldier And a lover just before The bombshells left me dreaming And a prisoner of war Love Always Love Always Love Always
Glow 03:26
You were loved, I can tell From the way they speak your name And seem to know you well So loved, So farewell Everything will change except the stories that we tell All your stories that we tell Let us glow in the darkest days Whenever we want to We know we are the spark it’s All that’s left to do Remember you And the way that you loved me too You were loved, Remember when She plays for us the world’s saddest violin So loved , So missed The void left in this world reminds us all of this There’s an edge to heartfelt goodness I remember loving you And the way that you love me too…
The wood is hard The wood is old Stories told of a magic dragon And a heart of gold For my brother, my sisters and me For as long as we Can remember And long, long before, my father’s guitar We’d follow him to church Through the broken mornings Mom siting in the front row Making sure we smiled while we sing But I never smiled in my Sunday clothes Still the notes and chords, Rocking hymns And how proud Playing this old Guild of his, my father’s guitar In a little northern town Just outside the world Backpack full of notes and poems On Sugar Mountain humming words Cause I never took to college or the books I walked the woods, just to listen For a song waiting to be written On my father’s guitar The worn out bar songs Have worn down these frets Worn down by all the nights, cigarette smoke, beer and sweat Still I get high off the music, off the crowd Then I come down The working days get long I’m growing harder and older in the bars With my father’s guitar This Wood is hard This wood is old And I tells stories of you father and your heart of gold For family, my daughters and my wife....in my life The notes and chords I have lived and I have played On our guitar On my guitar
The Windmill 03:20
These dark days I wear a blank disguise But it all still hurts like hell With all the rain and tears I’ve cried It’s no trouble to fill up the well But what’s the use in an old broken windmill That no longer frees water from the ground I feel everything But no longer sing Even when the wind comes around My glory days are somewhere framed In a black and white photograph There are fragments of me Buried so deeply And the seasons sing my epitaph So what good is an old faded photograph Our lives framed in shadows and lines I can’t break through the frame to you Even with my hot hands on the glass I feel everything but no longer sing Even when the wind comes around I have loved a string of scattered things Odds and ends that won’t reform Around the yard lie broken wings Of a wheel that just helps me mourn
Unbecoming 03:10
I will revel in the darkness Unbecoming of me I will revel in the darkness Unbecoming of the old me As long as nobody Who knows me can see I will revel in the darkness Unbecoming of me It is always the night Of my last cigarette It is always the morning Of my very last regret I long to be sober But I ain’t ready just jet It’s always the night Of my last cigarette As long as nobody Who know me can see I will revel in the darkness Unbecoming of me I will revel in the darkness Unbecoming of me I will revel in the darkness Unbecoming of me
It’s hard to know When to free a bird The freest birds Are still longing to be heard It’s hard to say What is even wrong It’s ok to be ok And sing a simple song When it don’t come easily Especially when it don’t come easily Woooo There’s more than enough time Woooo Woooo So say what’s on your mind Woooo Don’t waste it waiting on the chimes Been a long time Since I kept my word With all that’s happened I feel a bit obscure It’s hard to say Where the love has gone It’s ok to be ok And sing a simple song
From my healing bridge It is painfully clear More beauty and light Has vanished from here I miss the sound Of your voice the most Your records and words Feel like relics and ghosts My healing bridge The delicate arch Each stepping stone Onto the other side We walk in the sun Till the end of my dreams Through the Badlands together and the Glaciers forever Above a Rocky Mountain Stream My healing bridge From the head to the heart Either carries the weight Or washes away in the landslide I cry, I cry, I cry It’s alright to cry Peace flows like a river


After the sudden death of his father and while reconsidering his musical journey, Brian Koenigsknecht began writing and arranging songs for Healing Bridges. A shared love for music began when Brian was 9, and his father taught him to play the guitar on the very same 1976 Guild D-50 that is the primary instrument on Healing Bridges. Sparse acoustic arrangements only accentuate the strength of his emotional vocal performance. There are echoes of Springsteen’s “Nebraska” and Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” as the stories stretch over a landscape of glowing reverb. Literature and national parks are also referenced as a tribute to more influences and shared passions of his father. Except for the “Windmill,” co-written and recorded with Michael Beauchamp-Cohen in an earlier session, all the songs were recorded on the first anniversary of his father’s death during a 4 hour session, at La Luna Recording & Sound by Ian Gorman. While death and displacement are certainly themes on Healing Bridges, there is a consistent celebration of life shining through each song. Healing Bridges is an album for those mourning the loss of life, the loss of love, the loss of friendship, and the loss of oneself. It reminds us that there is a power in remembering and that there are moments of awakening and redemption along the grieving road. It’s from both these dark and light spaces in the soul that Koenigsknecht’s strongest and most honest work to date has emerged.


released June 18, 2020

All songs* written by Brian Koenigsknecht Copyright 2020

*The Windmill written by Michael Beauchamp-Cohen and Brian Koenigsknecht Copyright 2020.

*Happiness Lead Guitar by Ian Gorman

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ian Gorman at La Luna Recording & Sound (Kalamazoo, Mi).

Vocals and Guitars by Brian Koenigsknecht
Vocal and Guitar on The Windmill by Michael Beauchamp-Cohen



all rights reserved



Brian Koenigsknecht Kalamazoo, Michigan

Brian Koenigknecht is a Michigan treasure, that rare breed of singer-songwriter who can make you feel every human emotion – every tear, every smile – so intensely that you feel he’s written his songs about you. – John Sinkevics, LocalSpins.com

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